Contemporary Heritage


Contemporary Heritage

Contemporary Heritage

Project: Contemporary Heritage: Design Event
Client: 1971 Design Space, -ING Creatives
Year: 2016

Organized by two organizations, 1971 Design Space and -ING Creatives, Contemporary Heritage is a one-day creative event aimed to gather a range of diverse perspectives on the topic of heritage and how it influences ones work.

The assignment was to develop a series of print and digital collaterals to promote the creative event, with the main challenge being seamlessly merging two separate brand aesthetics within one campaign. In response to the existing 1971 and ING brand palette featuring black and white, these colours were transferred to the campaign as the primary colours, while adopting small red accents for areas of emphasis.

The abstract radial circles are a harmonious, symmetrical graphic that symbolically references a globe-wide perspectives on heritage and the gathering of international participants and speakers attending the event. The ever expanding, rippling circles are seen adopted throughout as a mesmerizing pattern. These minimalistic aesthetics are paired with playful and rhythmic typographic and line elements as they together create a sense of depth through the illusion of overlapping and underlapping layers.

A fold-out A1 brochure was developed as the program guide with a poster design on the backside as a keepsake. The aesthetics established in the poster are further carried out in the postcards and social media posts.


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