Window Farms: Information Design Guide

Bookbinding, Information Design, Print

Window Farms: Information Design Guide

Project: Window Farms Information Design Guide
Client: Personal Project
Year: 2013

Window Farms is a self initiated project that gathers instructional information and data on hydrophobic window farming and compiles it within a simple, visually engaging user guide. The hand-bound publication visualizes the entirety of the window farming process from assembly to growing plan to maintenance.

The book invites readers to engage with it through the fold-out posters, illustrations, information graphics and a fill-in gardening journal. Together creating a reading experience that is interactive, playful and experimental.

Each of the five chapters is saddle sewn into an accordion format that allows various reading approaches; when collapsed together, it reads cover to cover like a book. When expanded open, it reveals the entire length of the book with the ability to reference content from several chapters all at once.


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